Many people have asked me to comment on today’s latest “news” report in which the journalist frivolously interchanges the term “Office of the First Lady” with that of the “First Lady” herself. So let me take a break from my vacation to react.

My reaction is to state that as an experienced Journalist and Governance Expert myself, I do know the DIFFERENCE between the individual “H.E. First Lady Fatima Maada Bio” on the one hand and the other hand, administrative entity created under the Office of the President which is known as “Office of the First Lady”.

We all love to play Politics but let’s always be careful to ensure we distinguish between individual persons and administrative entities.

The Administrators and Civil Servants who run the Office of the President should ensure that their created entity known as the “Office of the First Lady” is kept in good Accounting order at all times. Such administrative work is certainly NOT the direct business of the First Lady. So leave the First Lady herself out of it.

Bottomline, I am standing FIRMLY with First Lady Fatima against today’s latest recycled nonsense they call “news”. I’m SOLIDLY with Fatima on this. She has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. I can challenge anyone on this at any time and in any debate.