In the past few days, I’ve spoken with hundreds of pupils, dozens of teachers and school leaders, and tens of parents and community stakeholders about how we can strengthen and support equitable quality education. I did this in 4 districts: Kailahun, Kenema, Bo and Bombali.

In Kailahun I spoke to the chief of Segwema about the role of chiefs in monitoring education. He committed to ensuring that the schools in his community keep doing well. I spoke to students and learners there about their education experience.

In Kenema I saw how a school principal used government subsidies to build and furnish science labs at Islamic Senior Secondary School. I saw students (over 500) discuss the Global economy, corporal punishment and civic duty with such intellectual depth. I discussed with teachers about the need to engage deeper beyond those I have with SLTU. I spent some 40 mins having Q&A with school prefects from all over Kenema. I was both inspired by a student in class 3 who wants to drop put because she’s bullied and the girls who came first in the WASSCE exams.

In Bo I spoke to a school head teacher about the developments at her school, and the role of teachers and school quality assurance officers in the sector at district level. The teacher also highlighted that parents still take their kids out of class five to attempt the NPSE. Come on parents!

In Makeni I saw how Radical Inclusion can transform societies and make it better. St Joseph’s Secondary School is an epitome of that. Not just do they embrace all girls with their diverse backgrounds, they are a home for hearing impaired boys who continue their Secondary school there. I saw the power of alumni organizations in the running of the school when they are in sync with the school authorities and proprietors. I then spoke with a student from St Francis who was energized by the FQSE successes.

But of course I was also online debating people who probably haven’t been to Sierra Leone for ages or haven’t crossed waterloo in years. Whatever the case, it’s apparent that the debate that has been happening on Facebook couldn’t be different from those in Segwema, Kenema, Bo and Makeni. I am Blessed to be engaged in all of those.