I’ll like to think of myself as a somewhat private person. “Yeah yeah you must say” because I’m always on radio and on social media. Well, my time on the radio is work and maybe I love radio and media because I love work. Part of my job is to bring along the public to help us transform education. And that means pupils, parents and other policy makers. On radio, I engage and discuss really difficult issues and policies so I am public by profession.

Today, a female journalist of AYV asked me something journalists don’t ask. Or rather I’ve never been asked on air this question before. Her first question was “how do you feel? Tell me your emotions.”

I was shocked and surprised. I fumbled some words and wondered if I should truly say what I felt. Anyway, I did.

I am sad. I am surprised. I am shocked. And I am truly happy and feel blessed as well.

I am sad. Sad because a teacher sat down and recorded a message yesterday for me because I announced the WASSCE results. He said if he had my number he would call me 10 times to abuse me, my mother and father. He called me all kinds of names. He called me a child. He said he was proud of himself and went further to say all kinds of horrible things. I usually don’t listen through but this time I did. How can someone who I spend most of my time working for send such messages?

I am surprised. Surprised that there are other adults who will happily and freely share such audios until it went viral. Don’t they imagine that their children will listen to this? That this teachers own children and grandchildren will hear their parent saying these really horrible things? I am surprised that other adults would share this hurtful message in groups I am in and tag me as well saying that I “have mail”. So you did not send to me… or send your apologies or whatever if you must, you instead send in a group with others to further embarrass and abuse me?

I am shocked my people. Shocked that on a day when I arrived home at 4:40am from an international trip where I was working for Salone, went to work and chaired a meeting at 9am, announced results at 12 pm, that on that same day, I’ll get so much hate for doing my work. I am shocked that we might be losing our bearing in this generation.

We must not lead with our differences but be compelled by our shared commitment to national development to act.

But I am happy. Happy that our children are doing well. I am proud that our children are doing well. I am happy that our work isn’t going in vain.

I am Blessed. Blessed that I can be able to serve my country and help support President Bio’s vision in this way.

There- that’s how I feel Phibean, thanks for asking. And thank you to all the amazing radio hosts who continue to generously give us time to help shape this country.