Political analysts, opposition and ruling party supporters that spoke to this medium over the weekend say the All People’s Congress-APC’s seeming overreliance and one sided belief that Dr Samura Kamara is the party’s only chance at winning the 2023 presidential elections is not only very dangerous, but it also leaves the stage ripe enough for Julius Maada Bio to go unopposed.

These men find it very difficult to see why certain members of the APC consider the party bereft of men and women with the potential to defeat Maada Bio. They say having had his chance to defeat Maada Bio and failed, the time has come for the APC to expand the flagbearer field by seriously considering other candidates.

A quick analysis of the issues that await Dr Samura Kamara in a country like Sierra Leone where the executive’s weight outstrips those of the legislative and judiciary, it is very shortsighted of APC strategists and big guns to put the party’s destiny in one egg among a basket of others who are either equal to the task or a far better choice than the embattled former Finance Minister under the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) of Julius Maada Bio.

Look it is a no brainer that a lot is still awaiting Dr Samura. Apart from the internal tribal card many people are dangerously playing in APC, there are too many court cases pending for Dr Samura.Apart from this New York Chancery case presently in court, there is also the Commissions of Inquiry, the $100 million from the road projects, issues relating to the selling of Sierra Rutile that will not only affect the country now but will also affect generations to come, the party cannot and should not allow itself to seriously consider waiting for Dr Samura until the eleventh hour to the elections. By that time it would have been too late for the APC to regroup and redo all that’s needed to. ensure victory,’ said political analyst, Martin Lamin. Pointing out the dangers to the people’s hope of a change of regime come 2023, Dr Lamin said the APC stands to be the only danger to itself as there seems to be a cabal in the party that is so shortsighted that it is failing to see consider PAOPA’s strategic moves and coming up with ideas to counter them.

Well sadly APC strategists are all but in same. Think about this, everything Bio has done is classic textbook politricking If APC strategists were as farsighted as Ernest Bai koroma, we wouldn’t be here These are the some guys that sat and failed to predict Maada Bio’s first move an president with a minority government. They failed to see the beginning of PAOPA’s maneuverings to remove duly elected 10 MPs of what is now history. The same thing is happening now. Why do you think Bio started the COI and got his White Paper? He did so to keep anyone from the APC with the serious potential to challenge him going forward. His plan is to keep them so tied up in litigation dint they will only have time for court and not political  campaigns and the like. Now why do you think EBK gave the nod to Samura over the others last elections? He was hoping for the rest of the party to see the light and rally behind Samura to defeat Bio, But a lot of issues came out and the party ran to their different cabals and failed to win 2018.

Now, why do you think EBK went and convinced Chief Sam Sumana in Ghana to come back home? He knew what it means for a president to order for Cols; everybody’s name is on the COL, even EBK. We are wasting our time with Samura while valuable time is being wasted to focus on someone else, which is Maada Bio and the SLP’P’s hope, he added.

For Ibrahim Sorie Brima, he said the APC is nearing the point where Maada Bio will either go unopposed or the party will be left without a shepherd going into the wilderness of voting. Despite all the hardships that the country has been crying and suffering under that does not seem to have an end in sight or a period of abating, despite the killings of citizens in opposition strongholds wishing to voice their displeasure with governance

decise la protest across the country and mainly at the Pa Demba Road Prison, despite the commiption and financial leak on a grand scale and all else, we still stand a chance of winning because the APC has proven to be very shortsighted and are failing to see play for play how Maada Bio and Paopa are thinking

He added “The reason why I think the SLPP stands a chance of winning is that the APC is for the first time showing itself as being very callous in their dogged determination to only focus on Dr Samura, Look Samura is going to be in court even past election time. Very dose to election time and if the APC chooses him then the screws holding the court cases and the ones pending will be tightened a bit and Samura would be left with no choice but to divide his time between campaigning, going to court and consulting with his lawyers. That will be too much for a guy his age and a party that has never experienced such Political maturity would call for the APC not to put all its eggs in one basket and consider that the party is still packed with people with the potential of defeating Bio at the polls. Mr. Brima of the SLPP noted.

Today, partisans from across the divide are constraint to ask this medium if there is either something seriously wrong with APC strategists or if the party still considers strategy as very key to them winning 2023. So for this, the second oldest political party in the country, is showing itself to be devoid of any candidate to take on an incumbent soaked in politicking so much so that he has outmaneuvered not only those in the SLPP, but has shown himself to be out thinking the APC.

Look, if anyone is not serious about winning next year, it will be the APC. That is why we keep saying next election will be the people versus Maada Bio, Paopa and the SLPP. We are all in shock with what is going on in the APC with this by force way of “either we go with Samura or we don’t go attitude. And this from a party that boasted of having more than 50 Alpha Khans Do they only have one candidate to take on Bio? Now more than ever the party needs a serious heart to heart where it will seriously consider all at play instead of overreliance on a candidate whose fate is tied and sealed to court cases .

The only reason why Maada Bio seems to not want to even go to elections next year with all his moves such as the new elections bill, the PR system, them saying no political rallies or campaign activities in Freetown, all these things are aimed at preventing Bio from going to elections against one man in the APC, the party should wake up to as their rescuer, said a member of the APC