Scarlet Babies in Disarray as Unclad Videos Circulate on Social Media

The Scarlet Night Club located at Aberdeen is reportedly becoming very exciting and notoriously exploiting young ladies. Men go there to entertain themselves in different ways and forms whilst some women go there to make money, sell their flesh to men and engaged in dehumanising sexual activities. Scarlet is one of the most expensive entertainment complex in Freetown, ranging from Le250- Le300,000 as entrance fee per person. It is located in the Aberdeen community in the far Western part of the city Freetown.

The price of drinks of any category sold at Scarlet Night Club is astronomical.A hook up programme called mingle with single is one of the most patronised that addresses the demand of partners.

At the Scarlet Night Club the social media is used as the channel of communication, conversation, sharing of information, to each other, dating and hooks up are done between individuals and married women.

It’s the rendezvous for all activities and human rights abuses young ladies formed themselves into a syndicate called F&Pay and called themselves “Scarlet Ladies”. These ladies enter into sex contracts with men and use nearby hotels for certain agreed amount per night, rich foreign nationals and wealthy Sierra Leonean men are catered for by these ladies.

They run rich men they contract in turns. Sometimes two or three can engage one rich man per night and perform what they called ” two-some” or “threesome” and receive their pay in the morning. Some of the rich foreign nationals that can afford their fees, they stay with them for weeks. The Social media that creates the platform and channel of communication for them become their most dependable and reliable entity as they make contacts with their overseas clients via this medium. The usage of social media is most common amongst youth in the country.

On the 27th August 2022 the social media witnessed very shocking and nasty/nude and outrageous. Pictures and videos of young Sierra Leonean girls of 15 to 25 years trending. Information gathered that the WhatsApp group established by the ” Scarlet ladies” calling itself initially ‘Mama Kumba’ that later change to”F” and “P” was the Joint that nude/naked pictures are being anchored.The objective of the group is to share nude pictures and videos to attract men for hook ups. As a Whatsapp group it has structures and rules that govern them, one of them is age limit that female members should not be above 25 years.

Unfortunately, the videos and nude pictures have been leaked, showing some of the men they contract are having brutal and dehumanising sexual activities with the young girls. Some of the videos shows image of men using their feet and hands to penetrate the ladies through their private part, such as the Vagina and anus.

The activities were gruesome, unhealthy and can cause destruction to the internal organs and vagina of the young girls for a ridiculous fee. Some of the ladies in the videos are seen turned upside and the men using their phones to  film them in such awkward and shameful position they had requested them to perform, to which they agreed to do before they are paid.



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