Zainab Sheriff’s latest criticism of the establishment was on point, but should have been more civil in her submission. You can criticize a system without using obscene languages.

You have rights to criticize the actions and inactions of your leader, but calling him/her names is too personal.

It is not a hidden secret that this government has failed in fixing the economy, and even the blind can attest to it. But we have only one option to change the system – June 24th elections. So the focus and energy should be focused on how to mobilize and convince people to go out and vote.

But, the other question is who should they be voting for? Are the options presented to them better than the current system?

The last time I checked, the party that is pushing to replace this “rotten system” was voted out not long ago for the same ineptitude in running the state. So how can we replace a failed system with another failed system? For how long will we be continuously doing this continuous “ music-and-chair” between the SLPP and the APC? And we are too naive to believe that a party in opposition is better than the other in governance.

In 2007, we voted against the ruling SLPP of pa kabba because we were misguided to believe that the APC of EBK in opposition was a better option. Fast forward in 2018, we voted against the the ruling APC in favor of the JMB’s SLPP with the fake promise of a “bread-and-butter “ economy. Little did we know that it was a big sham.

Now, 2023 is here and the other party in opposition is shaming us with sham promises of fixing an economy they contributed in destroying. Sierra Leone is a joke, but Sierra Leoneans are jokers.