Popular Female Attorney Basita Micheal has opined that Sierra Leone is in a dire situation as many to rely solely on prayers. She expressed her opinion following the current political rift in the  country.

Below is her opinion about the  status quo of the country

“Sierra Leone finds itself in a dire situation, leaving many to rely solely on prayers for a better future.The government’s unwavering arrogance and inefficiency,the disorganisation and ineffectiveness within the opposition,intellectually dishonest civil society members focused on self-interest,and the international community’s selective attention to election fraud while overlooking governance lapses contribute to the disillusionment felt by many people.

Regrettably they fail to acknowledge the erosion of the fundamental preconditions necessary for democracy, peace, and stability.Over time, they have prioritized self-preservation at the expense of supporting free and fair elections,the rule of law, and human rights.The recent polls merely serve as the latest example of democratic regression perpetuated by their collective failure.
Meanwhile,the ruling elite continues with business as usual seemingly unaffected by the injustices, deprivation,and suffering endured by most Sierra Leoneans.

To salvage the situation,it is imperative for both political parties and civil society to engage in introspection.Only through such collective introspection and acknowledging the erosion of democratic principles,placing sincere self-reflection at the core of their endeavours,there will be hope to rebuild trust in the political establishment and reclaim a future that upholds the values of justice,accountability,and respect for the rights of all Sierra Leoneans”