The politics of Sierra Leone, within the time frame, viewed against the back drop of events in the country, may be said to have been championed by those whose understanding of democracy was and remains to be a figment of their own imagination, thus offering development on the altar of stagnation to non-achievable objectives.

For Siaka Stevens, only he was fit to rule and no other contestant was to be allowed by his Internal Security Unit (ISU) that were Cuban trained to kill, which they did until he voluntarily gave up power, not as “pass I dai” but by divine intervention through the Lord’s due process of senility.

Then the regime of Joseph Saidu Momoh, who is rated as the worst President Sierra Leone has ever produced. This was the President who had the bold mind to publicly admit failing the nation and he was supposed to have resigned immediately after such an unfortunate statement but he never did till he was chased out by the soldiers of the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) headed by Valentine Strasser.

Strasser and his NPRC were legitimized by the majority support from the masses who were already fed up with maladministration of the APC. NPRC started well but were later embroiled in persistent power struggle that weakened their administration.

Tejan Kabba, who failed to send every Sierra Leonean to bed with a stomach full, was, in every sense on the right track to bringing about development to this nation except for the unfortunate foreign policy orientation, that of non-alignment, with even rogue states like Libya, on religious grounds. His government left behind a record of 26 projects that are now being implemented by Ernest, although without credit to him: they were all mentioned in his handing-over statement to this nation. The APC/Ernest, has done well in ensuring that those projects are actualized, especially the Kenema-Pendembu road, the mountain road, hill-side to Black Hall road and the peninsula roads, which are completed.

Whereas Tejan Kabba’s regime had a record of impeccable fiscal management the same could hardly be said of the regimes of the former three (3), mentioned above, with all due respect to Ernest’s genuine intervention for this nation.

The problem:

The real problem is that of the key to the main gate of development which is Education. Even here, Tejan Kabba’s handling of this was unprecedented and developmental. Today, even thing is in the pell mell, with the authorities closing down schools that think them wrong.