What is annoying about both SLPP and APC, whenever either comes to power, most of their politicians and their supporters pretend as if Sierra Leone belongs to them.

They would want to condition the behavior of others especially those who see things differently from theirs as if God has ordained them with the best characteristics and patriotism…

What I desist most is when those in power describe people with different opinions as “Den yawa, den feel say this or that, or Wunner Feel say etc ” This is disgusting.

I don’t fathom the concept of “Den waya,and, Wunner” as if those with opposing views do not belong to the country or they don’t mean well for the betterment of the country.
It is like everything is framed between “Us versus Them”

The majority of those in power most times behave as if they are more Sierra Leonean than those with opposing views. Sad mentality!

However, the fact is whenever there is a change of government, the country would always be shocked by the amount of money many of the politicians and their affiliates would have stolen from the curfers of the country.

For example, whenever Commissions of Inquiry are set up(COI), everybody sees or hears the damning revelation, when genuine audit reports come out, you see damning revelations relating to how state resources are mismanaged by these pretenders in high places.

When such reports come out, you wonder if these are the people who pretend to love Sierra Leone.
I rest my case.