Sierra Leoneans have got a new name for anyone they believe is taking pride in telling lies. Today, the name Ramatulai’, which used to be a name given to a girl child, has been given a different meaning altogether, with a new spelling ‘Ramatu lie’.

My aunty who stays in Ghana has been distancing herself from that name, even though it was her name given to her since she was born. But for her, she does not believe in telling lies and therefore would always tell me “Sallieu please don’t call me Aunty Ramatulai, but just call me Aunty Ramatu”. The reason for that she said, is that the name ‘Ramatulai’ is being likened to mean someone that tell lies, and therefore would not want to be called that name. This is the nickname that has been given to the New Direction Government under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio.

There are different schools of thoughts who believe that the current SLPP Government of President Julius Maada Bio takes pride in telling lies than any other government we have had in the history of Sierra Leone.

It started with or anyone the biggest project that has to do with the Lungi Bridge, the which never materialised.

President Bio had told the public how his government would ensure a bridge is constructed to connect thee Lungi International Airport with Freetown. The 2.1 billion dollars project, which was widely advertised by the Bio SLPP led government, has not seen the light of the day.

Today, people people are are therefore calling on the president and reminding him of his promise, as he is due to end his first term of office.

President Bio is said to have told another untruth story to the world during a meeting with American Billionaire, Bill Gates. During that engagement, President Bio told the biggest lies of the century that his government was providing uniforms, shoes and books for school going pupils, when in actual fact, there has never been a situation wherein uniforms and shoes are being provided for school pupils.

Sierra Leonean’s now see the President as a man whose government is full of ‘Ramatu- lies’.

Vice President Juldeh Jalloh is also known for telling lies. His statement to the Kaffu Bullom People about the possibility of constructing the lungi bridge is also another Ramatu-lai.

Because of telling lies with impunity, even those with real name have decided to change their name from Ramatulai to Ramatu. It was Ramatu lie who told our Members of Parliament that electricity under his leadership is far better today than years back, forgetting that people are sleeping in the dark and that Freetown has again been named the darkest city in the world. “Why is Ramatu-lie trying to Ramatu-lie us?” asked a senior political science lecturer. If he doesn’t tell lies he wouldn’t feel secured. Even the First Lady is also another Ramatu-Lie. She is known for two-tongues.

She will say B today and then say C tomorrow. If not for the Africanist Press, Sierra Leoneans wouldn’t have known that our First Lady is another Ramatu-lai