Claims of no other election till 2028 raises questions about the real purpose of the Tripartite Committee with many seeing it as a cool off period or another waste of time. The Tripartite Committee is an election investigation body set up after a three-day day dialogue between the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) facilitated by the international community (Commonwealth, African Union and Economic Community Of West African States).

In an attempt to whittle down the importance of the committee, several government officials say it is not a court and therefore does not have powers to compel persons of interest to appear before it.

How can the committee carry out its mandate of thoroughly investigating the election without the support and cooperation of relevant parties. Government officials however maintain that the committee’s main role is to investigate allegations of irregularities of the June polls as well as previous election and make recommendations to government for electoral reforms and not for another election.

The election probe conducted by the Tripartite Committee breeds hope in voters especially those in the North-West regions, strongholds of the APC. Voters especially those in the North-West regions were sure and certain that the opposition leader, Dr Samura Kamara won the polls, and the election probe will restore the people’s victory. With such certainty, the people hope that there would be a rerun or fresh election or Samura Kamara declared winner.

Such hope is being dashed by several government officials who often argue that there will be other election till the end of SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) tenure in 2028. Such stance by SLPP members, supporters and sympathizers reinforce the notion that each President serves an interrupted 10 years. Despite repeated warning, they preempt the outcome of the committee even before investigation is completed thus raising doubt about the successful accomplishment of the committee’s mission.
Recently, an official in the law office was blunt to say that the election probe is to ensure reforms for future elections and not for a rerun which has been of key demands by the electorate.

The people of Sierra Leone wanted to see another rerun of the election or fresh election owing to reports by international and local election observation missions on the elections in Sierra Leone.

The United Nations, European Union Commonwealth, Carter Center, African Union, G7+, ECOWAS indicated that the elections were not credible. Apart from allegations of subtle rigging tactics by the PAOPA regime, the EU report delved into the use of violence and political thuggery to harass and intimidate opposition politicians. Fatal shooting sprees on APC’s headquarters were incidents captured by the EU election report released few days to the dialogue between government and the APC Of course, the Carter report does not only condemn the june election but also recommends that those who undermine democracy in Sierra Leone should be held accountable.

Even the local election observer group, NEW (National Elections Watch) condemned the electoral process. It’s head, Marcella Samba Sesay said no candidate in the election got the 55 per cent needed to avoid a run off although 56.17 per cent was awarded to the ruling party.

Dr. Gaima made the statement in a press briefing at New Brookfields hotel in Freetown attended by APC officials and members of the diplomatic community.