The people of Sierra Leone love and trust their President, Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio. He is a man of his word.

Some fair-minded Sierra Leoneans believe that the President has fulfilled 85% of the Manifesto pledges he made to the nation in 2018.

The President has delivered on his 2018 Manifesto pledge to repeal the Public Order Act of 1965. Two of his predecessors promised but failed to repeal the 1965 Public Order Act.

President Bio promised to introduce free quality education. He has delivered on that key election Manifesto commitment.
President Bio promised to abolish the death penalty. He has delivered that manifesto pledge.

He promised a 30% quota in appointive positions for women. He is determined to deliver on that promise. This is a man of his word!
The world is facing a global food, energy and financial crisis. Sierra Leone is a member of the global community.

The country is grappling with the high cost of living crisis. The high cost of living crisis is affecting even bigger economies like the United Kingdom.
In the middle of such a global crisis, the people of Sierra Leone expect and they want their President to address them in a nationwide broadcast.

Solomon Berewa once noted that Sierra Leoneans live on hope. President Bio should address Sierra Leoneans and give them hope especially in the middle of such a global high cost of living crisis.

Sierra Leoneans believe that their President hardly addresses them. The President addresses the nation on special occasions like the state of the nation address which he delivers once in a year.

President Bio is loved by his people. He should come out and address them directly. His address to the nation should be centred on the global food, energy and financial crisis that continues to cripple some major economies leading to the unprecedented rise in inflation levels.

Any nationwide address by the President, at this crucial moment, will give hope to the people. Sierra Leoneans live on hope.
There is an urgent need now for President Bio to talk directly to the nation through a nationwide broadcast. After all, the people of Sierra Leone believe and trust their President.

When a man loses hope, he becomes hopeless! Any nationwide address from the President would give hope to the people of Sierra Leone.
Mr. President should therefore address the nation NOW.