In the recent past, traditional leaders ie Paramount Chiefs and their sub-chiefs, command and enjoyed maximum authority and respect among their subjects. This was because, they were performing their role as ceremonial chiefs in their various locality independently without any iota of doubt or mistrust by their subjects. And therefore, they enjoyed exercising their local authorities across the country.

However, in recent time, traditional leaders are losing their weight of authorities among their subjects due to their deep and active involvement in politics (self-interest at the expense of their people). As a matter of fact, they have lost their glamorous values overtime. And this is why “the center can no longer hold and now things are falling apart”. The weight of their authorities are losing every moment. If only they changed the narrative to upheld their traditional values as it used to be, they would have command more authorities and respect.

A case in point, is the current happenings in constituency 073 Lower Koya Chiefdom where bye elections are slated in March. The local authorities including the Regent Chief are everywhere in the constituency organising door-to-door campaigns in favour of the ruling party simply because, the likes of Alpha Khan and others have given them “white elephant” promises.

What else will these local authorities in Lower Koya say when the ruling party goes out of power in the near future? Well, the answer is nothing else but to chintz APC party awaiting in power of being bad and bias? Which is not the case.

A warning to the Chiefs in Sierra Leone  and Lower Koya in particular that, you have a lifetime span in your current positions as chiefs of the country and Lower Koya which means that you have to serve various governments awaiting. Do not allow the shady wind of today to destroy your lifetime benefits. A word for a wise, is quite sufficient.