Most People that this press spoke to in Makeni said that Hassan Dumbuya alias Evangelist Samson, was too close to the powers that be within the All People’s Congress party and by virtue of his closeness to the APC party, he had come to know TOO MUCH and for that reason of him knowing too much when he was just an outsider who was just being used by insiders in the APC, there was always the fear among some of those within the APC circle that if push actually came to shove, Evangelist Samson will spill the beans and put them in danger.

Another fear the handlers of Evangelist Samson had was that Evangelist Samson was a man that loved money who could have sold his soul for anything.

It is a known fact among those close to Evangelist Samson that though he was a loudmouth spewing threats against the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party and its members, he was always a very weak man who could easily break when put under pressure.

In other words, he was always perceived a danger to his handlers who were using him to spread fake news in this country and to participate in other covert activities.

According to journalist Sulaiman Stom Koroma, who was among the first journalists to report the death of Evangelist Samson, the deceased man was in his hideout in Makeni when he got a call from a man called Star Boy.

Star Boy is a known diehard and fanatical operative of the All People’s Congress party who was working closely with Evangelist Samson.

According to Stom Koroma, the calls from Star Boy for Evangelist Samson to meet him at Station Road, Makeni town, became so persistent that Evangelist Samson’s wife became highly suspicious and therefore advised her husband not to go but being the weak man that he was, Evangelist Samson lowered his guard and went.

According to a police press statement, the police were on a routine patrol when they came across this large number of ex-combatants sitting inside a joint at Station Road where Evangelist Samson was already seated.

According to Stom Koroma, when the joint military/police patrol team appeared, Evangelist Samson ran and according to Stom Koroma, the joint patrol team fired warning shots which were aimed at Evangelist Samson’s legs to stop him but there was a shot that hit his stomach that probably killed Evangelist Samson.

According to the police press statement, they were shot at by the ex-combatants with whom Evangelist Samson was found.

The joint patrol team returned fire not knowing at all that there was an Evangelist Samson among those that opened fire against them.

According to Stom Koroma, Evangelist Samson’s back was already turned towards the joint military/police patrol team when a shot rang.

Who then killed Evangelist Samson?

The shot that rang came from the front of Evangelist Samson while the joint military/police patrol team’s shot which was probably aimed at Evangelist Samson’s legs, came from the back.

According to Stom Koroma, Evangelist Samson’s close friend, Star Boy was probably used to setup Evangelist Samson.

Since Star Boy had nothing to do with either the police or the military or government officials and since Star Boy was a known APC operative, the only people who could have used him to setup his friend, Evangelist Samson, must definitely be those who wanted Evangelist Samson dead.

And it is evidently clear that those ex-combatants who were inside that joint at Station Road, were there to kill Evangelist Samson not to keep company with him and it is also them that shot Evangelist Samson from the front and killed him while he was trying to flee from the joint military/police patrol team.