Senior executive of the main opposition All Peoples Congress party have told Satellite Newspaper that Dr. Samura Kamara’s hope of becoming the party’s 2023 presidential election hangs on a thin thread, despite being the preferred candidate.

Reason being is that they are increasingly worried about his frequent invitations by the Anti Corruption Commission and search conducted on his premises in its ongoing investigation into the country’s mission building fraud in New York.

This new twist which may say, should serve as a wake-up call for the party, follows his second invitation to the Commission last Friday which was followed by a search at his Lumley residence by the Commission’s Scorpion Squad.

News abounds that the Commission’s second visit to the APC tipped 2023 presidential candidate’s residence was necessitated by a leaked document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that had gravely implicated him in the scam.

Following this new twist, many perturbed executives now fear that the former APC Foreign Minister’s frequent invitation to the ACC suggests that something adverse against him has come out from the ongoing investigation.

Hence, they have cautioned the party to reconsider his candidacy, given the current spiral in the investigation, despite being the most preferred candidate, or risk disqualification at the nick of time, since there are indications that he has further case to answer in the Mission building racketeering either directly or indirectly.

They said his frequent invitation should depict a clear warning to the party, though many supporters believe he would be a tough contest for President Bio in the 2023 elections.

It is becoming apparent, under the prevailing circumstance emanating from the White Paper, that a new folk will lead the party to the 2023 election, since many of those vying for the flagbearer position are grappling to exonerate themselves from the corruption issues emanating from the three judge-led Commissions of Inquiry.