A Sierra Leonean named Sahid Mohamed Kamara has reacted to the alleged factors that motivated Alpha Kanu’s choice to the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) leaving his former All Peoples Congress (APC) Party.

Alpha Kanu popularly called Alpha Khan on an international visit to the United States of America was spotted addressing key stakeholders of the SLPP, including His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio and other SLPP supporters. During the event, Alpha Kanu revealed that he joined the PAOPA government for the sake of peace and cohesion and also to serve as a bridge between the two strong political parties (APC and SLPP) and the country as a whole. News reaching out to these claims from Alpha Kanu sparked reactions from Sierra Leoneans.


In one of the comments made by one Sahid Mohamed Kamara, he vividly denied the claims of Alpha Kanu leaving the APC to SLPP Party. According to him, Alpha Kanu’s  claims were not true.

“Mr. Alpha Kanu the reason you gave for serving the PAOPA government is not true” he Blasted.

He went on that Alpha Kanu was a strong member of the APC which has structures and procedures to follow. He continued that he acknowledged the fact that Alpha Kanu was invited by the Paopa government to serve the nation but he could have contacted the party struvtures  before he couod have made the move.

“You were a strong member of the APC which has structures. Honestly when you were invited by the PAOPA government to serve the nation, you could have contacted your party structures which actually made you what you are today and tell them you want to foster Peace between the two parties” Mr Kamara mentioned.

With dismay hearing the claims from Alpha Kanu, Mr Kamara cautioned Alpha Kanu to have reach his APC supporters in Port Loko and the party at large before joining the PAOPA government. On his concluding statements he disclosed:

“Indeed, it is your right and responsibility to serve this nation but you have to be grateful and respectful to the party that makes you popular.

Unfortunately,Mr. Kanu you did not observe those simple protocols.. You accepted the offer without even calling your supporters in Port Loko to inform them.

This shows that you are only serving your personal interest rather than the national interest.

My advice to you is continue with your PAOPA reigm and don’t think you can decide for us any more.”