Eight registered political parties of the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (COPPP) which include People’s Democratic Party (PDP), National Progressive Democrats (NPD), People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), People’s Libration Party (PLP), Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Citizens’ Democratic Party (CDP), Unity Party (UP) have unanimously endorsed Dr Samura Kamara as the next president of Sierra Leone.

Addressing the gathering at the Robert Hall on Robert Street in Freetown, the APC presidential candidate, Dr Samura Kamara said that his endorsement by COPPP is a solid integrated partnership to free Sierra Leone from the bandage. He said under his leadership, he will not give promises, but to ensure that he brings development to the doorsteps of Sierra Leoneans.

Dr Samura said that COPPP is the soul of Sierra Leone, underscoring that the various political parties are a formidable force that will yield dividend.

He said the coming of COPPP is a clear burden sharing to achieve a common goal which is to take State House, adding that politics of hate is bad in any country, as according to him, when people are elected into office they are to serve the people and not to divide them or treat them indifferently.

He called on citizens of this country that have suffered for the past five years to make a positive change for the development of the country and their children.

He condemned the actions of youth that are threatening the lives of other citizens, stating that if he were the president of this country, by now, he would have stopped that, as according to him, people belonging to their political parties are equally Sierra Leoneans. He said everything about the SLPP is fake, citing qualification and job creation.

He assured that the APC is going to build Sierra Leone not for their personal gains but to liberate the country from the decadence of corruption, backwardness the SLPP politicians have plunged Sierra Leone into.

On her part, the Leader of Unity Pรกrty, Madam Femi Claudius Cole said that the support they have given Dr Samura Kamara is not, in anyway, tie on negotiation for positions but that it was a free will by the parties to do so.

She informed that they are not only going to support him and sit back but to campaign with him and giving him all what he requires to win the election, come the June 24 presidential election. Other speakers from other political parties shared similar sentiments.