Former Anti-Corruption Commissioner (ACC) in the erstwhile All People’s Congress (APC) government, Ady Macauley has criticised President Julius Maada Bio for statement made against former US Ambassador, David Reimer.

Whoever advised President Bio to make the statements he made at the American University has not done him, his regime and the country any favours,” the former ACC Commissioner said.

He added that the statements Bio’s administration lacks “self reproach in regard the stolen elections”, human rights abuses and the state of the country’s economy.

He said Bio’s statements have heavy consequences including the end of any dialogue to resolve the political impasse between his party and the ruling government.

As it stands there is nothing to dialogue about,” Macauley said.

Bio, in a speech at the American University on Friday 15 September said the US Government pressured him to delay the announcement of the 24 June Presidential election. He said the US coerced him to halt the announcement of results by the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) despite the completion of all data collation.

“I declined, and I said I have never called this institution, I am not going to call them now.” Bio said.

The US Embassy in Freetown together with the European Union said the election lacked transparency citing that there were some statistical inconsistencies.

The ECSL announced Bio as the winner with just over 55 percent of total votes casted thereby avoiding runoff. The main opposition APC refused to accept the results calling on all of their elected members of Parliament and other elected officials to boycott government and governance.

There were hopes that the impasse could be solved with the involvement of the Commonwealth but recent events could prove otherwise.