Ady Macauley, a well-known APC Politician, lawyer and former Anti-Corruption Commissioner, has voiced strong criticism of the recent events at the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Kenema.

In a recent statement, Macauley described the incident as a “new low” for the Association.

Macauley referred to the disruption at the AGM as “blue wrist band banditry,” condemning it as a callous and cold-blooded attempt to undermine the democratic process and silence opposing voices. He accused those responsible of lacking integrity and attempting to steal the voices of others.

This is not going to be business as usual,” Macauley declared, emphasizing that those expecting the issue to fade away are gravely mistaken.

He affirmed that he and others who oppose this attempt to silence them will not rest until the anomaly is corrected. Macauley promised to hold those responsible accountable and to publicly shame them for their actions.