Former APC Loyalist Alpha Khan has on the 13th July 2023 during the opening of the 6th parliament of the second Republic of Sierra Leone called on APC MPs to honour the country’s interest than their political party’s interest.

Expressing gratitude, Khan thanked and appreciated the people of his hometown, Port Loko District, for their overwhelming support and votes given to President Bio and the SLPP party during the June 24th elections. He emphasized that the people of Port Loko are ready to embrace the inclusive approach and comprehensive development advocated by President Bio.

Furthermore, Khan revealed that he has reached out to the APC and continues to do so, in an effort to maintain peace in the country and ensure that the APC MPs effectively represent their constituents in parliament.

Highlighting their fundamental responsibility, Khan emphasized that the APC MPs have a core mandate to serve the people of Sierra Leone, as it was the reason they were elected. He cautioned that continuing the boycott would not yield any beneficial outcomes for the APC MPs but could potentially harm their political careers.