The Chairman of the All People Congress in a letter addressed to the Chairman of PPRC makes serious complaints of the First Lady, Madam Fatima Bio’s remarks against the leader and presidential candidate of their party, which they found to be “insolent, unsubstantiated and incendiary.”

In the letter he wrote to “complain of the insolent, unsubstantiated and incendiary remarks publicly made during one of the Siera Leone People’s Party (SLPP) campaigns in Kono by the First Lady Fatima Bio against the person of our Leader and Presidential Candidate, and the entire All People’s Congress (APC) party.”

In the start of lining the reasons for the complaints he started by drawing the Chairman’s attention to a similar inflammatory statement the First Lady made which is now a public secret. In that statement he said the First Lady called on their SLPP south-eastern supporters not to allow any APC supporter to campaign for their (the APC’s) candidates in any of their south-eastern stronghold. Suffice it to say that that clarion call of hers has been heeded as is evident on the unprovoked violent incessant attacks he said is being carried out on supporters in places like, Pujehun, Kailahun, and Kono. (Valium)

The release went on to state that “Coming to the thrust of this complain, during one of the SLPP’s official campaigns for the June 24th, 2023, polls, the First Lady, Fatima Bio frivolously spewed inter alia that, our Leader and Presidential candidate, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kanara is a drunkard and that he is always drunk.”

In the end of the release the Chairman of APC said called for some actions to be taken by PPRC on the matter.

“As regulators of the affairs of political parties in this country, I implore you to institute the appropriate action and/or reprimand the First Lady and by extension, the SLPP for such a despicable act with a view to maintaining the peace and quiet that we are used to enjoying in this nation. Whilst anticipating your swift action”.