The main Opposition, APC representatives in the ongoing Tripartite Committee are set to unveil some of their findings today, Tuesday, 4th June, 2024, at the APC Party headquarters, 11 Old Railway Line, Brookfields, in Freetown.

The APC team is led by Dr. Kelfala and Dr. Richard Konteh are representing the APC Party in the committee

The event is set to commence at 3pm, where they will comprehensively explain and clarify some of the latest works and activities of the Committee since last month.

The upcoming press conference m, by the APC will cover routine up y date on the Committee’s progress – including areas of agreement/disagreement, presentation of facts

analysis, and findings on the June e 2023 election results. The meeting is expected to be attended by the media and a host of other senior members of the party.

APC parliamentary leadership now taking the initiative to go public on a regular basis to inform the citizens about how they are being governed, it is expected that this will raise the level of government transparency and accountability.

Before the commencement of the weekly Press Conference, the leader of the opposition in parliament โ€“ Abdul Kargbo states โ€œthe APC Parliamentary Group will commence a monthly Press Conference which aims at providing policy alternatives and governance strategies proposed by the opposition. It will also hold the government accountable on its responsibilities to the nation.โ€