The National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone’s main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya has recently stated that his party won the June 24 presidential election and that the APC does not recognize Julius Maada Bio as the President.

According to Lawyer Dumbuya, Sierra Leoneans are still in the dark regarding the genuine outcome of the June 24 general elections as, according to many, the results did not reflect the will of the electorate. He furthered that the APC still maintains the same posture and that until the will of the people is adhered to, they, as a party, will not participate in governance at all levels, stressing that the APC cannot participate in an illegitimate government.

For any dialogue to continue, he said, the truth must be first established. “…I think it’s but fair for the true results of the elections be put on the table. The international com- munity, local and international observers and the APC have the results, and when the true results are put on the table, then we begin from there and we can move further,” he said.

He said for now, as a party, they don’t recognize Rtd. Brig Julius Maada Bio as president because of obvious reasons.