The New All People’s Congress (APC) party finds itself at a crossroads as the six-month deadline stipulated in Article 47a IV of the party’s constitution for the selection of a new presidential candidate and leader following an unsuccessful bid in the presidential elections, concluded yesterday.

According to the specific clause in the party’s constitution, in the event where the National Leader fails to secure the presidency, they are mandated to relinquish the position six months after the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone’s final declaration of election results. This provision remains unaffected by any petitions filed in the Supreme Court or any other laws, leaving the position vacant until another election for the party’s presidential candidate is conducted as per the constitution.

Despite this constitutional provision, there has been no official statement from the current leader, Samura Kamara, adding a layer of uncertainty to the situation. The absence of an official stance from Kamara has led to speculation and raised questions regarding his willingness to step down, paving the way for the selection of a new leader.

The lack of clarity surrounding Kamara’s intentions has fueled concerns among some members and observers of the party. Many are pondering the potential implications this uncertainty could have on the party’s future direction and leadership stability.

Amidst varying opinions and interpretations within the public sphere, the impending decision on whether Samura Kamara will relinquish his position as per the party’s constitution remains uncertain. The resolution of this issue will undoubtedly impact the future trajectory of the New APC party.