Latest information reaching Sierraloaded has revealed that 66 people out of a total of 72 that were arrested on Wednesday morning are still in police custody.

According to the Institute for Legal Research and Advocacy (ILRAJ) only 6 people were granted bail following Wednesday’s stand off between supporters of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) and the police.

“Total arrests 72; total granted bail 6,” ILRAJ said.

Some of the arrests were made in Waterloo and one at the Central Business District (CBD).

Among those arrested is inclusive of the APC National Secretary General, Lansana Dumbuya.

Earlier before Wednesday’s event, Dumbuya recorded video calling on their supporters to stage a peaceful protest because the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) has failed to meet their demands ahead of Saturday polls.

Some supporters of the party were seen with placards calling on the Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed Konneh to step down while some call for the election to be postponed.

There was heavy police presence at the APC’s headquarters since Tuesday night. All routes leading to office were barricaded on Wednesday morning with cars diverted to other routes.

There has been at least one casualty.

Meanwhile, some locals including prominent Sierra Leonean social media influencer and communications expert, Vickie Remoe has criticised security forces of using live rounds on protesters in the West African country.

“Why were unarmed civilians shot with live bullets today?” She enquired hours after gunshots were heard at the APC headquarters.