The All Peoples Congress (APC) has vehemently rejected the partial results announced by the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Mohamed Konneh of the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) earlier today. 

The party has raised serious concerns over the transparency and fairness of the electoral process, alleging a lack of inclusivity and violation of due process.

According to the APC, the announced results, which account for sixty percent of the total tally, were derived from a tallying process that excluded APC agents from participating at Regional Tally Centres in key cities across the country, including Port Loko, Bo, Kenema, Makeni, and Freetown. The party claims that their agents were denied access to the tallying process, preventing them from verifying and certifying the results, which is a breach of established protocols.

Furthermore, the APC alleges that the ECSL failed to communicate the mode of result announcement and denied them the opportunity to verify the results prior to their public announcement. The party expressed frustration over the lack of information provided regarding the breakdown of the announced sixty percent results.

They state that they have no knowledge of the specific polling units, centers, or districts from which these results originated, nor the percentages attributed to each polling unit, center, or district.

The APC also raises concerns about the announcement procedure itself, claiming that the results were not disclosed by District Returning Officers as per the District Block System used in the elections. Additionally, the Chief Electoral Commissioner did not inform the APC of the exact time of the results announcement, adding to the party’s sense of disenfranchisement.

Given the gravity of these alleged infractions, the APC categorically refuses to accept the announced results. They consider the figures presented by the Chief Electoral Commissioner to be “cooked-up” and lacking any credibility.

The party urges the Electoral Commission to halt any further result announcements until all results are thoroughly and mutually verified to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

In response to these developments, the APC has called upon its partners and stakeholders to join forces in preventing what they perceive as an attempted manipulation of the democratic process.

The party accuses the ECSL of colluding to undermine democracy through electoral rigging and warns of potential disorder in the nation if these concerns are not adequately addressed.

The APC reaffirms its commitment to challenging the alleged irregularities within the confines of the law and vows to employ all available means to counter what they perceive as a grave assault on the will of the people.