A senior member of the All Peoples Congress (APC) recently disclosed to The Exclusive, under the cloak of anonymity, a pressing concern regarding the party’s membership update process. The source emphasized the need for transparency by suggesting that the contract for this crucial task be openly advertised to the public, ensuring the involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

According to the anonymous APC member, while the party’s Secretary General holds the authority, as outlined in their new constitution, to oversee membership updates, the process of awarding contracts for such sensitive undertakings should be transparent. The member advocated for a competitive bidding process among contractors to ensure fairness and integrity.

Speculation has arisen regarding the intention of the National Secretary General to award the contract for printing the party’s membership cards to individuals purportedly affiliated with the opposing Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). However, the Secretary General has vehemently refuted these claims, dismissing them as unfounded rumors.

Addressing further concerns, the APC Secretary General clarified that allegations of IT experts with SLPP connections being hired for the project were baseless. Some party members have suggested utilizing the expertise of competent IT specialists within the party instead of outsourcing.

Doubts linger among some party members and supporters regarding the Secretary General’s motives behind the membership update initiative. They perceive it as a strategic maneuver to facilitate the candidacy of a preferred presidential flagbearer for the 2028 elections—an allegation the Secretary General has outrightly denied.

This is not the first instance where the APC has encountered challenges with membership registration processes. Similar issues arose during the tenures of former Secretary Generals, including Victor Bockarie Foh.

In response to the mounting concerns, the APC is scheduled to convene its National Advisory Committee (NAC) meeting imminently to address various matters, including the membership registration process. Members eagerly await the outcomes of this crucial meeting, hoping for clarity and reassurance regarding the party’s internal procedures and future direction.