The All People’s Congress (APC) Party has reported suspended three press briefings in a row of recent at a time the public need them due to the current political turmoil in the country. 

Nightwatch Newspaper in their publication today reported the situations of how the APC suspened these press briefings. 

They outlined that the first press briefing was scheduled to take place last Monday but was put on hold owing to an unexplained reason Subsequently, news filters through the press that the press briefing has been shifted to Thursday yesterday but again canceled without just cause leaving the people of Sierra Leone especially APC supporters in news blackout

They also said that previously, another press conference was stopped with fingers pointing at APC’s lead rep at the Tripartite Committee, Dr Kaifala Marrah as the one responsible for the news blackout. Neither Dr Marrah nor APCs Publicity Secretary could be reached.

However, the newspaper stated that the people need their executive officials to update them particularly on the work of the Tripartite Committee which has been investigating allegations of June 24, 2023 election irregularities. The committee, according to social and political commentators, is the last hope for Sierra Leoneans

Information from the grapevine depicts the opposition leader, Samura Kamara winner of the election while government officials said otherwise.

It is based on the events unfolding at the Tripartite Committee that the people of Sierra Leone demand that either a rerun or fresh election is held or Samura Kamara declared President of Sierra Leone. They threaten to take to the streets if any of these demands are ignored.

On the other hand, members of the PAOPA regime have argued that the election has been conducted and the results announced in their favor and that nothing could change the plan regardless of whatever the consequence. In an open challenge to the people of Sierra Leone and the international community, President Julius Maada Bio, few days ago, threatened to use bullet for bullet so that he can hold the forte. The opposition party ought to have held a press briefing in response to Bio’s threats.

As if worsening an already polarized situation, the APC executive has been plagued with contemptuous allegations of accepting bribes from SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party) government to propagate the 2028 election agenda so that President Bio would complete his remaining four years. The APC Chairman, Minkailu Mansaray and other key APC officials have been at the center of the allegation to which they are expected to respond

Their continued silence over auch scathing allegations goes a long way to confirm that they are true and correct although there is a seeming acrimony between the two political parties. The continued disagreement negatively impacts on the country’s political and security situation with the security forces placed on the red alert

Heavy security presence and persistent blaring of sirens all over the capital city means all is not well with the country’s security situation, and the people need to hear from their authorities in the APC to know the real story. The suspended press briefings would have been good platforms for information sharing to dispel doubt and misconceptions gaining ground among the APC keeping members and supporters of the party in the dark is a culture alien to the APC when one looks at the history of the 1960s APC which emerged as a resistance to the political machinations of the SLPP, the dominant party at the time, one of the founding members, Siaka Stevens traversed the country with the Elections Before Independence Movement (EBIM) philosophy which later culminated into the APC supporters.

Negligence in the dissemination of accurate and timely information by the APC bounces back to the party’s weak public relations wing. Office of the publicity secretary which handles all communication and public relations activities have failed in their core responsibilities of informing and educating the people on the party’s stance towards issues that affect the party.

The negligence in information sharing started at the outset of the election rigging except for few press conferences held once in a blue moon. Perhaps, APC’s biggest public relations disaster was the failure to counter misinformation and conspiracy theories employed by SLPP politicians immediately after the signing of the communique by the two political parties under the auspices of the international community (Commonwealth, African Union