Sierra Leone’s main opposition parry, the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) has taken a significant step in its preparations for the upcoming elections by announcing the party’s campaign teams across various districts in the country.

With the aim of securing a resounding victory, the party’s hierarchy has strategically assigned prominent figures to spearhead the campaigns in key districts.

Notably, the former vice president, Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana, Money Jagaban, Minkailu Koroma, and Chericoco’s wife have been appointed to lead the campaigns in Kono, Kenema, and Kailahun respectively. These individuals bring valuable experience and influence to their roles, and their involvement is expected to yield positive outcomes for both the APC and the people of Sierra Leone.

Chief Sam Sumana and new party strongman, Sheik Mohamed Kamara aka “Money Jagaban”, recognized as key players within the APC, are particularly instrumental in ensuring the party’s success. They will convey messages of hope, development, and the vision and mission of Dr. Samura Kamara, the party’s flagbearer, to the citizens of Sierra Leone.

In Kono, Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana is poised to make a resolute effort to defeat the SIPP and rally support for the APC. With his strong ties to the district, he is expected to galvanize the people and encourage them to align with the APC this time around.

In the northern regions, including Kambia, Karene, and Port Loko, Hon Abdul Kargbo, Kombor Kamara, Alimamy Petito Koroma, Alhaji Kemoh Sesay, and Bai Mamoud have been entrusted with leading the campaigns. These esteemed APC members are anticipated to secure a substantial number of votes for the party.

Dr. Kelfala Marah, Dr. Richard Conteh, Hon S. S. Marah, Paolo Conteh, and Teteh have been tasked with managing the campaigns in Tonkolili, Bombali, Koinadugu, and Falaba districts. Their expertise and dedication will be instrumental in mobilizing support for the APC in these areas.

In Bo, Bonthe, Moyamba, and Pujehun districts, the APC has enlisted the support of the recently defected PMDC stalwart, Charles Francis Margai, Mrs. Samura Kamara, and regional south APC chairman, Momodu Maligi. Together, they will spearhead the campaign efforts to secure victory for the APC in these districts.

Moreover, Chericoco, Mayor Aki Sawyer, Kasho, and Med Kay have been appointed as campaign managers for Western Urban and Rural districts. Their focus will be on ensuring a resounding victory for the APC in the first round of elections. Additionally, these teams will facilitate the flagbearer’s visits to all the aforementioned districts, further strengthening the party’s presence.

The APC’s unveiling of campaign teams signifies a crucial phase in their electoral strategy. With experienced and influential individuals at the helm, the party aims to secure widespread support and emerge victorious in the upcoming elections, solidifying their commitment to advancing Sierra Leone’s development and progress.