The All Peoples Congress Party (APC) recently hosted a meeting to update its members on the progress of the tripartite committee tasked with reviewing and amending Sierra Leone’s electoral process.

National Secretary General Lansana Dumbuya opened the meeting by expressing the party’s commitment to transparency and keeping its members informed.

He emphasized the leadership’s dedication to ensuring a fair and functional electoral system for all Sierra Leoneans. Dumbuya urged patience and trust in the committee’s work, assuring members of a positive outcome.

In his statement, the co-chair of the committee, Kaifala Marrah thanked and appreciated the party for bestowing their confidence in them to represent the party on the committee and assured them that, they will work as expected. He gave a review of their rollouts and what brought about the birth of the committee with reference to the June 2023 elections, adding that, the responsibility of the committee is to critically look into the 2023 elections and beyond to find out the challenges and odds as well as proffer recommendations for future happenings.

He said they have four stages as the work of the committee ranging from, the inhouse preparatory work, preparing the country and making every institution committed to their work in identifying experts and have them come to the country, and for the committee to do a review and bring up recommendations and the last stage is to implement the projected recommendations.

‘After signing the memorandum of understanding on both sides. We have reached out to partners and I want you to join me and say thank you to the international community. The next stage is that, we have identified three strong areas to review,” he stated adding that, the first area is to review all the elections in the country to see the strength and weaknesses and make recommendation, the second area is to look t the institutions that do come together to conduct the elections in the country and see how their composition and decision making are like and the third one is the elections management where they will look into elections result, voter registration, voters education, security strength  etc.

He said, they have got different expert that will work with the team members within different committees to have things work well and have those recommendations in place, adding that, the US and other bodies have given view of supporting not only the review process but also the implementation of the pending recommendations.

He assured all party members that, they should have confidence in the team for a constructive representation at all levels.