The All Peoples Congress Party APC will today 17th April 2023 conduct its internal election for the awarding of symbols Councilors and Mayoral symbols ahead of the June 24th upcoming Elections.

According to the Exclusive Newspaper, the APC National Publicity Secretary Mohamed Pope confirmed that the said internal elections for the awarding of symbols will be conducted by the 25-man Independent Elections Committee that is led by lawyer Ibrahim Sorie. He affirmed that the Process is Free and Fair.

The said APC internal elections, should have taken place earlier on Wednesday 12th April, 2023 but due certain challenges led to the twice its reschedule since last week. The elections is said to take place at different locations in the country.

Meanwhile, a Press Release from the new APC Secretary General, Lasana Dumbuya justified that the postponement is not to interfere with the just concluded ECSL Voters ID Cards collection before the deadline.