The former Mayor and Mayoral candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC), Yvonne Aki-Sawyer wrote on her verified Facebook page about an attack on her car. She said, “I received a call from someone in my neighborhood informing me that my driver had been attacked and my car seized by a notorious SLPP operative called Arata”.  Arata is a supporter of SLPP who has been associated with several incidents of crimes across the country and he seemed to be lucky to go Scot free every time.

Several attacks have been recorded to the police by the former Mayor of Freetown caused by opposing politicians and thugs. During the APC convention, the mayor reported an incident of theft by attackers of Presidential Guards who took her laptop computer that she claimed had still not been returned to her.

Her car with license number AVC010 was recovered by the Inspector General of Police IGP who promised to intervene. However, she said, “My car was handed over to my team with extensive damage. The front bumper, the left wheel guard and the back license plate had been removed and the back window smashed”.

To her surprise the perpetrators was seen leaving the station without any charges she said. In her post she vividly stated how Arata was walking freely even after her vehicle was damage severely. She said, “To my driver’s surprise, Arata was allowed to leave the station without any charges whilst my car was handed over to my team with extensive damage”.

Going forward on her post she highlighted how she has ‘reached out to the IGP again to ask for his support in addressing this display of wanton violence just days after the signing of the PeacePledge by all political parties. I also reminded the IGP that my laptop that was seized by members of the Presidential Guard in February has still not been returned.”