Hon. Mohamed Bangura of the Main Opposition All Peoples Congress Party(APC) has maintained that, the elections are over and will not be reversed for any reason.  

He said, the country needs to address the issues that lead the country to where it is now which is the role of ECSL.

how we should put modalities together to ensure that the role of ECSL is appreciable by all and how modalities would be put together to ensure that, in subsequent elections we don’t go back to these mistakes.” He added,  not that, it is in place and government and other partners are working on it.

He emphasised that, elections are over and that we have got a president for the next five years. “If you don’t know that, know it now that the elections conducted on June 24, 2023 is gone” he noted.

He maintained that, elections are always problematic in everywhere in the world, adding that in Sierra Leone’s case the problem has been with the leaders whom the people put on those offices as they work only for their own selfish interest and not for the country’s interest.

He disclosed that, he is not satisfied with the outcome of the result from ECSL but in the interest of peace and the country moving forward he is ready to put the outcome of the election result aback, to which he has been promoting possible dialogue for peace between the SLPP and the APC.

“I am the brain behind all these dialogues, because every day I have been concerned to engage different leaders from both parties for a dialogue in private and public.” He maintained.

He said, the country’s interest has to be put as the first priority by all politicians as well as working for the people of Sierra Leone and not only your party’s interest.