Sierra Leone’s President, Julius Maada Bio, has unveiled the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) 2023 People’s Manifesto titled “The New Direction: Consolidating the Gains and Accelerating Transformation.”

The manifesto aims to build on the success of the New Direction national development agenda and propel Sierra Leone towards a brighter future.

President Bio emphasized the importance of the People’s Manifesto in consolidating previous achievements and expediting the country’s social and economic transformation. Under the slogan “PAOPA SALONE MUST BETTEH,” the manifesto outlines five key initiatives that will shape Sierra Leone’s path towards inclusive prosperity and sustainable development.

The SLPP’s “Big Five Game Changers” for sustainable economic growth and social progress are as follows:

  1. Feed Salone: This initiative focuses on strengthening Sierra Leone’s agricultural sector to ensure food security and promote self-sufficiency.
  2. Human Capital Development for Nurturing Skills for 21st-Century Industry: With a vision for a skilled workforce, this initiative aims to equip Sierra Leoneans with the necessary expertise to thrive in the modern economy.
  3. Youth Employment Scheme: Recognizing the potential of the country’s youth, this initiative seeks to create ample employment opportunities and empower young people to contribute to the nation’s development.
  4. Revamping the Public Service Architecture Through Delivery, Efficiency, and Professionalism: By improving the efficiency and professionalism of the public service, this initiative aims to enhance service delivery to citizens and promote good governance.
  5. Technology and Infrastructure Programs to Serve as Pathways for Sustained Economic Growth: This initiative prioritizes the development of technological infrastructure to foster innovation, connectivity, and economic advancement.

President Bio believes that making substantial progress in these key areas will set Sierra Leone on a sustainable trajectory of transformational change, poverty reduction, and resilience in the face of external shocks.


The manifesto launch was accompanied by a social media campaign, with hashtags such as #BIOJALLOH2023, #SLPP4DEVELOPMENT, and #SLPPMANIFESTO2023, reflecting the party’s commitment to promoting President Bio’s vision for a better Sierra Leone.

As Sierra Leone moves forward, President Bio and the SLPP aim to rally support and collaboration to realize the goals outlined in the People’s Manifesto, ensuring that the country continues on its path of progress and development.