One of the prominent traditional healers under the Council of Traditional Healers Sierra Leone, Manchawill revealed on Thursday to Awoko the reasons President Julius Maada Bio won the 24th June presidential election against Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara in Sierra Leone.

The Ceremonial Chairman, Manchawill from his incantation and traditional findings, said that the winning of President Bio firstly had to do with the lack of unity (Wan word) in the APC party. He cited instance of the previous elections in Falaba, Kambia and Kono Districts stating that APC normally win seats and votes in those areas in the north, but now it is the SLPP who had won more votes compared to the other parties.

The other traditional finding he delivered to this medium was that over the years, Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella of the National Grand Coalition Party has in 2018 gathered more support and won a seat in the Kambia District because of his direct political canvassing, President Bio wasted no time calling for unify within the SLPP. That, he said, contributed highly to getting him more votes to win.

He also revealed that the All People’s Congress (APC) Party failed because their campaign was late. The strategy they applied was another great hindered factor for the loss. Manchawill said the party stakeholders left their stronghold in the north in the hands of the SLPP but preferred to further concentrate in the South-East of the country during the campaign period. The traditional healer furthered that the APC lost in the presidential election was due to the cancellation of some polling centres in the north as a result of irregularities noted by ECSL.

Manchawill revealed that in the future, government of any political party, the government in any regime should form unity government and create an inclusion of different regional backgrounds and ethnic in the day-to-day running of government administration without discrimination.

He warned that negative form of democracy if continued in the country, there will be ethnic conflict one day. To maintain peace for all Sierra Leonean, he said, politicians should deviate from social and political incitement on Social media and see themselves as one family despite whether they belong to the Temne or Mende ethnic groups.