Speaking at the SLPP North America Women’s Council Conference held yesterday at the Alexis Hotel, the First Lady of Sierra Leone, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, voiced her disappointment over the premature and unhealthy competition for the flag bearer position within the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). This burgeoning rivalry, she warned, threatens to derail President Julius Maada Bio’s ambitious five-pillar agenda for the country.

In a heartfelt address, the First Lady stressed the importance of timing in political battles. “People are supposed to know the hour for such a fight,” she declared, urging the Women’s Council to remain vigilant against prematurely supporting aspirants. She criticized the emerging camps and personal agendas, highlighting how these actions divert focus and resources away from national priorities.

Many of them are losing sight of the President’s aspiration for the country. Instead, people are moving around building camps, wasting their energies and monies. These people should be helping execute the national agenda of President Bio, yet most of them have buried themselves in their individual agendas, and it is very insulting to the Presidency,” Dr. Fatima Bio lamented.

The First Lady emphasized that the party’s future success in the 2028 elections hinges on President Bio’s legacy. She called on all government officials and party members to prioritize the national agenda over personal ambitions. “The successes of the Maada Bio government will ensure SLPP retains power in 2028. People in governance should put their personal ambitions aside and work for the bigger picture of delivery to the people of Sierra Leone,” Dr. Fatima Bio stated.

In her appeal, Dr. Fatima Bio underscored the collective responsibility of all appointees to uphold and advance the President’s vision. She urged them to remain focused on their roles, ensuring that the administration’s efforts translate into tangible benefits for the nation. “Together, we will all succeed in keeping the great legacies of President Bio in Sierra Leone,” she concluded.

The First Lady’s remarks come at a critical juncture, as internal party dynamics threaten to overshadow the broader goals of the SLPP administration. Her call for unity and focus serves as a reminder of the importance of cohesive leadership in achieving national progress.