Chief Minister David Moinina Sengeh conveyed his appreciation and thanks for the warm reception he received from the All People’s Congress (APC) members during his visit to the APC Party Headquarters in Freetown.

In his statement, Sengeh extended his appreciation to key figures within the party, including Samura Kamara, the Leader of the APC, Hon. Chernor, the Deputy Leader, and all other members present, for their warm welcome to him and his team.

He said, “Thank you Samura kamara Leader of the APC, Hon.Chernor, Deputy Leader, and all other members who welcomed me and my team to the APC Party Headquarter in Freetown.

The visit was part of an active pursuit to implement the “Agreement for National Unity,” signaling a unified commitment between Chief Minister Sengeh and the APC members to fortify and reinforce the country’s democratic state institutions.

The Chief Minister’s sentiment was reflective of a collaborative effort between the current government and the opposition, signifying a move towards a more cohesive and united front in steering the nation forward. Sengeh’s recognition of the support and welcome by the APC members highlighted the significance of collective efforts in fostering a united political landscape for the betterment of Sierra Leone.

He emphasized, “As we actively work on implementing the “Agreement for National Unity”, we jointly commit to strengthen democratic state institutions”

Sengeh’s visit and expressed commitment to fortify state institutions align with the overarching goal to promote and sustain a robust democratic framework in the nation. His acknowledgment of the warm reception and the joint commitment to strengthen democratic institutions signifies a pivotal step toward fostering a more inclusive and participatory governance system in Sierra Leone.

The stated aim to implement the “Agreement for National Unity” suggests a collective intention to bridge political divides and work collaboratively towards a shared vision of progress and development for the country.

This move could potentially mark a turning point in Sierra Leone’s political landscape, demonstrating a willingness to transcend partisan barriers and prioritize the nation’s well-being over individual or party interests. It sets a significant precedent for fostering an environment where cooperation and unity take precedence in governance and policymaking.

The Chief Minister’s appreciation of the warm welcome received and the shared commitment to bolster democratic institutions stands as a testament to the potential for constructive collaboration between the ruling government and opposition parties, heralding a new era of unity and purpose in Sierra Leone’s political sphere.