The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) has announced the allocation of seats in 16 districts of the country ahead of the June 2023 polls.

According to the new allocation, Kenema and Bo will have seats in Parliament with 12 each. The Western Rural District will have 10 while the Western Urban District which hosts the capital Freetown will have 16 seats.

The new allocation is said to be based on the result of the 2021 mid-term census conducted by Statistics Sierra Leone.

According to the country’s Data Department, Kenema District in the east of the country has more population than the capital -a result some locals have refused to accept citing that they were never counted.

Some of the Department’s enumerators complained that  locals refused to be counted especially in the main opposition strongholds.

The new allocation might see the main opposition All People’s Congress lose several seats in Parliament due to reduction of seat allocation in some of their strongholds.