As the voting process commenced today at 8:00 am in Moyamba District, some voters found themselves waiting in queues for an extended period of time.

The main cause of this delay was attributed to the alphabetical order system used for voter registration, which led to confusion among certain individuals, particularly the elderly and those with limited education. Despite these initial hiccups, polling station officials are working diligently to rectify the situation.

The issue primarily arose at Constituency 097, Ward 342 in Moyamba District, where six polling stations were set up. However, despite the initial confusion, the voting process in this area has been progressing smoothly, with an impressive turnout. As the day has progressed, significant improvements have been made to the efficiency of the voting process.

Meanwhile, at Taiama Kori Chiefdom, where voting is taking place across various centers and polling stations, voters have expressed their satisfaction with the workers from the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL).

In one notable instance, Izak Williams, an aspirant for the Councilor position, exercised his right to vote without any complications.

However, not all polling stations in Moyamba District have been free of challenges. At Station 1, Center Code 13205, voters expressed their dissatisfaction with the poor accommodation and sitting conditions. As they were forced to sit under the scorching sun, discomfort overshadowed the voting experience for these individuals.

Despite these isolated challenges, the overall voting process in Moyamba District has been progressing, with both successes and areas for improvement.