The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Bio, has unveiled plans to commemorate the collaboration between elected female officials from the opposition All Peoples Congress Party and the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party.

This is in line with her bid to further advance the cause of female representation in governance.

The envisioned celebration aims to recognize the significant strides achieved in bolstering the presence of women in decision-making positions across various sectors.

Addressing a recent ceremony at the State House, where a partnership agreement was signed between the Office of the First Lady and a continental women’s advocacy group, Fatima Bio underscored the importance of transcending political boundaries when acknowledging the accomplishments of women and girls.

“I eagerly anticipate the moment when my fellow APC sisters take their seats in parliament. This will provide us with the opportunity to bring together women from both the APC and the SLPP, alongside female ministers, to collectively celebrate our achievements. It’s not just about President Bio fulfilling his promises; we now understand that a 30% representation for women is the standard, regardless of which president succeeds President Bio,” she articulated.

Fatima Bio emphasized that this celebration would transcend political affiliations and underscore the collective determination of women to hold decision-makers accountable for gender equity efforts.

Looking ahead, the First Lady revealed that her foremost initiative for 2022 involves partnering with the Young African Women Congress Network.

She elaborated that this collaboration would empower members of the Sierra Leone Chapter, primarily composed of young female lawyers, by harnessing their potential and providing them with opportunities for growth.

Additionally, she highlighted the substantial economic benefits and investment prospects that the conference could bring to the country.