Former Vice President in the erstwhile APC Government, Victor Bockarie Foh has revealed that he did not vote for his party in the 2018 elections.

Foh made this shocking revelation during a tour by President Bio in Koinadugu District, Northern Sierra Leone.

The former Vice President said he was given audience by his former boss, President Koroma in 2018 after he requested that he wanted to confide in him and Samura Kamara and his running mate, Hon. Chernor Maju Bah.

He stated that he told the former President that he did not believe in Samura Kamara to be a leader for the country. Foh added that he informed his former boss that they will not be able to market Samura Kamara.

He revealed that the party’s higher echelons refuse to heed his advice and had to leave the party.

He ended by stating that he left the party after his view was denied.

Foh urged indigenes of the northern district to vote for President Bio in the 24 June polls.