Some members of the Fullah ethnic group in Koinadugu District have threatened to boycott the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party because of an alleged ill treatment of their member, Neneh Umu Mackie.

Mackie is among six party members contesting for parliamentary symbol under the party.

According to some members of the Fullah community in the District, Mackie polled 39 votes seconded by Foday Lamin Kabba who secured 32 votes.

The community said that the leadership of the APC party in the district does not want to award the symbol to Mackie.

They want to replace her with another person who lost in the election,” a certain Alusine Barrie reacted to the issue on social media.

He blamed the APC Koinadugu District Chairman, Dr. S. S. Marrah of plans to blackball Mackie from the symbol.

Any attempt to forcefully or illegally replace or continue to intimidate Neneh Umu as our next Member of Parliament will be faced with serious consequences for the APC party here in Koinadugu,” Barrie said.

He said the Fullahs are strongly part of the APC Party but an ill treatment of their candidate will be met with the same in the 24 June elections.