Businessman cum politician, Sheik Mohamed Amara Kamara popularly known as Jagaban has donated the sum of 18,000 US Dollars to All People’s Congress (APC) Regional Branches in Bo and Kenema.

The donations are believed to be for the party to secure comfortable offices in the Southern and Eastern Region while mapping out plans for the construction of a structure for the party in the two regions.

Jagaban also donated the sum of 100,000 New Leones to Kenema Temne Mosque.

Speaking to supporters of the party and his movement, the businessman encouraged locals in the two districts to unite and disassociate themselves from tribalism. He described politics based on tribalism to be a failure.

“We should all appreciate our identity, our bloodline, beliefs and background because that’s (what) makes us Sierra Leoneans,” he said.

He encouraged his supporters to embrace their diversity and to cherish humanity.

Meanwhile, he urged his supporters and members of the party to vote the party in the upcoming elections in June this year.

Before departing for his native home in Blama, the businessman promised to help over 200 business women with start-up capita while pledging to also assist disables in Bo city.

Kamara became quite popularly in late 2022 when he made his intention to run for the vice-presidency under Sierra Leone’s main opposition APC party. Months before the official selection was done by Dr. Samura Kamara, Jagaban donated millions of old Leones in charity.

His philanthropic activities, however, were not enough to garner him the required support he needed from members at the higher echelons of the party. He was snubbed as Dr. Kamara chose his former running mate in the 2018 elections, Chernor Maju Bah.