The Judiciary of Sierra Leone has debunked allegations made by the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) over lack of justice and biasness.

“The APC Party aimed at intimidating the Judiciary and ipso facto interfere with the Judiciary’s independence,” the Judiciary said.

They urged the public to ignore the claims made by the main opposition citing that their intent is to undermine democracy and the Rule of Law in Sierra Leone.

“The Judiciary wishes to inform the general public that there is no political case for trial or judgement in any of our Courts emanating from the 2018 multitier election in the country,” they clarified.

The Judiciary went further by tabulating number cases filed by the main opposition and other political parties since 2018.

From their records, the APC of 3 cases while the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) filed a total of 23 cases.

The Judiciary said the APC won a total of 18 cases – six more than the ruling SLPP who won 12 cases.

The main opposition party accused the Judiciary of biasness and injustice on Monday. The accusation surfaced a lack of confidence in the Sierra Leone’s justice system by the APC.

This accusation mounted after calls by some party members to file a case against Sierra Leone’s Electoral Commission over disagreement on 24 June elections result.