In a press conference held this afternoon, Samura Kamara, the leader and presidential candidate of Sierra Leone’s main opposition party, the All People’s Congress (APC), criticized the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) for its lack of transparency and accountability during the critical stages of the electoral process.

Kamara specifically highlighted concerns regarding the tallying process, stating that it fell short of international best practices and posed a threat to the peace and stability of the nation.

The APC had previously issued press releases on June 26, expressing condemnation towards the manner in which Mohamed Konneh, the head of the ECSL, presented the tallying results from purportedly 60% of polling stations.

Kamara emphasized the party’s ongoing disapproval of Konneh’s lack of inclusivity, transparency, and accountability.

Additionally, Kamara commended the National Election Watch (NEW) for their courageous press release, which provided an alternative perspective on the credibility of the election outcome and aligned with the APC’s belief that it favored their party.

Addressing the citizens of Sierra Leone, Kamara appealed to their collective endurance of suffering and injustice under the current government.

He highlighted the majority of Sierra Leoneans’ rejection of another five years of intimidation, oppression, violence, and economic hardships at the ballot box on June 24.

The APC leader assured the public that his party stood behind their votes, advocating for a transparent counting process and urging local and international observers and diplomatic missions to support the majority’s voice.

Kamara emphasized that the situation was not merely about the APC party or Sierra Leone but about democracy itself, as a threat to democracy in one place affects it everywhere.

Expressing condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and were injured in defense of democracy, Kamara conveyed his appreciation to local and international partners for their efforts in this challenging period. He implored them to prevent the erosion of civil and political liberties, particularly the right to choose political leaders, emphasizing that such actions should not occur under their watch.

In conclusion, Kamara reiterated his commitment to democracy and the betterment of Sierra Leone, concluding his statement with gratitude and a call for the preservation of democracy in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Watch the press conference below: