The presidential candidate of the main opposition, the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, Samura Kamara has taken to Twitter to reveal a distressing incident that occurred during his live press conference.

He claimed that he had been barricaded inside the APC party headquarters, while live bullets and tear gas were fired at the premises by government forces.

Kamara further expressed his concerns, questioning whether this was an assassination attempt on his and his running mate’s lives.

โ€œI have been barricaded in my APC party headquarters during my live press conference. Live bullets and tear Hass fires at my offices by government forces.

What is my country defending into. Is this an assignation attempt on our lives with my running mate?โ€ He lamented.


The APC party is scheduled to hold a press conference this evening to provide updates to their supporters regarding the elections.

In the aftermath of the recently concluded elections, the APC has expressed its unwavering determination to secure an indisputable victory.

Earlier today, the party leader and presidential candidate voiced concerns about the integrity of the electoral process. He raised questions regarding the transparency and fairness of the recently held polls.