The Presidential candidate for the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party for the June 24th 2023 election Dr. Samura Kamara has explained how he plans to be different from other African leaders if elected as president.

Samura Kamara disclosed his plans in an interview on the BBC during his visit to London on an invitation to a Commonwealth meeting.

Samura when asked how he plans to be different from other African leaders taking into considerations promises made by politicians before assuming office and doing contrary after attaining power starts by stating that such thoughts and plans have always be on his mind.

He stated that he is coming into the presidency of Sierra Leone with a different narrative in terms of leadership as he plans to take 2023 as a new beginning for a new Sierra Leone as he plans to draw from his experiences of development and other aspect since independence to the last five years.

He continued that coming in at a time when Sierra Leone presently have strong development progress there should be a question of what are the binding constraints and why is the country not yet to grow sustainably.

He also stated that Sierra Leone’s major problem is sustainable growth as the country is not developed in a manner in which the country is avoiding shocks.

He emphasizes that over the past five years, the country has had a new trajectory where there there is a military leader in a civilian form with police brutality.

Samura when asked the question of asset declaration to help in the fight of corruption stated that him and his cabinet will declare their asset when he becomes President.

He said the aspect of corruption is not only limited to assets declaration but there should be a strong political will to be punished as a leader if you or your ministers are found wanting of corrupt practices.
He also said there should be a strong political will to appoint people with good reputations to manage the Anti Corrultion Commission where in the commissioner should not be politicized to be answering to the will of the President concluding that such practice will set the right pathways.