Samura Kamara, the 2023 presidential flag bearer of the main opposition, All Peoples Congress (APC), has unveiled his party’s development plan, promising to restore economic progress and national unity if elected.

Speaking during a recent campaign message, Kamara stated that the APC’s manifesto would contain both short and medium term, as well as medium and long term development plans to address the country’s economic challenges.

He further stated that the APC 2023 manifesto will be people centered and participatory with purpose, policies and concerns that will be used to restore the economic hopes of Sierra Leoneans and also rebrand the good image of the country.

Kamara condemned the ruling government’s lack of concern for its citizens and pledged to lead with humility and listen to the concerns of the people.

According to the APC presidential hopeful, the current government does not listen to the people and has been making false promises to citizens.

He added that they have squandered large national resources, noting that since the SLPP government acceded to power in 2018 it has introduced politics and partisanship in every national activity. He however promised to address all those issues under his leadership if given the opportunity.

The former Minister of Finance also highlighted his past achievements, including his role in rebuilding government institutions following the civil war and establishing sound financial management at the Ministry of Finance and other agencies.

Furthermore, Kamara promised that the APC’s manifesto would prevent a relapse into violent conflict and provide a favorable environment for economic growth.

He urged the nation to join him in his quest to bring back good governance, human and social rights, and sound financial and economic policies.

The June 24 general elections will determine if Kamara and the APC will have the opportunity to implement their development plan and bring about the promised changes in Sierra Leone.