Samura Kamara, the Leader of Sierra Leone’s main opposition political party, the All Peoples Congress (APC), has issued a response to a recent message from Rt Hon. Patricia Scotland KC, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

In her statement released on Wednesday, Rt Hon. Patricia Scotland KC urged political leaders in Sierra Leone to uphold their commitment to peace and unity, a pledge they made back in May.

This message arrives at a crucial time, as Sierra Leone grapples with political turmoil stemming from the APC’s boycott of governance following a dispute over the 2023 presidential election results. Additionally, reports have emerged of a thwarted coup attempt in the nation.

In a thoughtful and conciliatory reaction, Kamara expressed gratitude for the Commonwealth Secretary-General’s statement and conveyed the APC’s readiness to engage in a mediated dialogue promptly, with the betterment of Sierra Leone as the ultimate goal.

Kamara’s statement conveyed, “We acknowledge and appreciate the recent statement by the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Rt Hon. Patricia Scotland KC, and embrace the opportunity to participate in mediated discussions without delay, all for the betterment of Sierra Leone’s people. We remain thankful for the Commonwealth SG’s unwavering support in the restoration of our democratic values, pursuit of social justice, and the unification of our nation.”