Alpha Khan send some strong messages to the All People’s Congress Presidential Aspirant, Dr. Samura Kamara saying he must let go of his ambition and think of his faith as a Christian for the betterment of Sierra Leone.

He stated that Dr. Samura Kamara and President Bio are attending the same Church so the Priest must be able to talk to them. He called on the head of the bishops to call both Kamara and President Bio to a table meeting for peace to reign.

Khan warned that if anything happens here  the international observers  will be swftly flown out of the county leaving Sierra Leoneans to themselves.

He stated how the people are not allowed go to European countries without legal documents, noting that this is the only country where we are welcomed and where we are not molested.

Khan reiterated that the international community will not fix this country unless we do it for ourselves.

He said all these things that are happening now happens everywhere citing the tussle between Trump and Clinton in USA which he said took a lot of stares. He added that they were counting and counting until they caution Mrs. Clinton that US needs a President and she needs to allow that which was already been available, and she allowed the process to be done and the US got a President.

He advised that Dr. Kamara let go and forget about whatever hurting feeling he is having and that he never knows what God has in store for him. He said that he is talking to his brother Dr. Kamara to please let go and forget about the issue, adding that Dr. Kamara has served in every spares of Governance so he know how it works.

He urged Sierra Leoneans to put the country first, adding that Dr. Kamara is a Sierra Leonean because the kind of life he was living in the UK and US had not been left for living here had he not love his country. He said Dr. Kamara left there to show love for his people and he has shown that.

He concluded  by calling Dr. Kamara to come back and meet with his brother to grace the hand that he already had sent for peace. He asked all those in APC to stop listening to others that has other country to go to, noting that they will just leave when any fighting breaks in Sierra Leone.